Microsoft Offer To Buy Yahoo!

REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 1, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) today announced that it has made a proposal to the Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) Board of Directors to acquire all the outstanding shares of Yahoo! common stock for per share consideration

MSDN Magazine

The quality, depth and breadth of articles in MSDN Magazine really seems to have ramped up a notch or two in recent years. Maybe it's just me slipping behind the times a little as I struggle to keep on top

Microsoft Surface

Wooah, every day we get a little closer to the world of Star Trek Needless to say, I want one... :-)

MS Acquire devBiz Business Solutions

Great news for all users of Team Foundation Server: "Microsoft Corporation is excited to announce the acquisition of devBiz Business Solutions, makers of TeamPlain Web Access, a web interface for Team Foundation Server that allows managing work items, documents, reports,

MSDN Technical Roadshow 2007

I'm off to the MSDN Technical roadshow in Harrogate tomorrow, and am actually really looking forward to it this time. These events are free, so always well worth attending when they're local, but some years are certainly better than others

Smorgasbord 5

Gates to end daily MS role, to spend more time running his charitable foundation. Say what you want about the man, but he's a great philanthropist. Wonder how well MS will cope without his regular influence? Joel Spolsky - My


A petition for the continued support and development of "Classic" VB: Why?  Let it die. Grieve, sure, but move on. Learn C# (or, if you must, VB.NET) and join the rest of us in

Congratulations... Bill Gates, Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. ...and to GIMPS, in particular Dr Martin Nowak, for discovering the 42nd known Mersenne prime! ...and to Yahoo on their tenth anniversary.  They have a