Edge Cases

Ten years of professional software development have given me a healthy awareness of edge cases - I'm always trying to code defensively, validate input, catch exceptions, use assertions, and of course pick holes in sloppy specifications ("ah, but what if.

Big Integer

As I mentioned last summer, I do enjoy whiling away a few hours attempting to solve the maths / progamming challenges set on Project Euler. My language of choice for most puzzles is C#, but this hampered me on some of

Project Euler

If you like maths problems, and you like programming (and hey, who doesn't?), then you'll love Project Euler.


...to Bill Gates, Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. ...and to GIMPS, in particular Dr Martin Nowak, for discovering the 42nd known Mersenne prime! ...and to Yahoo on their tenth anniversary.  They have a