xkcd creator Randall Munroe just blogged about having solved the game Ghost. I'm stunned. I've been playing this game with friends since the '80s (it was the only thing that kept me sane during 3rd year Art classes) and I

Pargetter - We Have An Answer

Hurray! The internet turns up trumps once again. Back in May I was wondering what a "pargetter" was, and today a kind soul emailed me the answer: I just happened across your blog on the subject whilst I

Duplex Documents

I spend the vast majority of my working day within the cosy confines of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, which is fortunate because I feel most at home with these tools. But occasionally I have to


From today's Times: "The family comes and go, the boys attend school, though Gary, a self-employed pargetter, is not working." What on earth is a pargetter?  I'm struggling to find a definition on the web.  Is this a typo, and


This made me smile.  I'm just looking through our Tesco receipt from the week's shopping - it's often entertaining to see how items can be described in just fourteen characters. This week, we treated ourselves to some lovely Wensleydale


I must just get this out of my system: I went out for lunch today with my two favourite ladies, and on the café menu was a subheading that read: Pannini'sGood grief, where to begin?  Firstly, I'm pretty sure that

Pointless Conversion

From an article on CNN about the effects of the current storms in Northern Europe: "Traffic on the M-25 highway around London, the busiest in Europe, was backed up for miles (kilometers) after three trucks were knocked over by