The Best Wordle Starter Words

What are the best words to use as starting guesses when playing Josh Wardle's popular game Wordle? I've crunched the numbers.


Hmm, so I see with interest that English five and six-year-olds are going to face a new reading test next summer. They will be asked to "read" a list of twenty made-up words "to check whether children can use their


I’m about as proud as a Daddy can be. This weekend Benjamin made a stellar leap from uttering only one and two-syllable phrases (“All Gone”, “Night Night”, “MORE!”) to trying out a whopping five-syllables in one go. We were

Strange Surname Of The Day

Looking through a database today, I noticed a person record containing a "6" in the "LastName" field. I suspected that this was duff data, but it turned out to be this guy. Wikipedia reveals that he used to have a

Two Silly Signs

We had a day out in Harrogate today, during which I saw two signs which confused me a little. Firstly, en route there was a sign which read "For Wetherby Follow Existing Signs". Which got me wondering what the possible