According to my Google Analytics stats, somebody found my site this week by searching Yahoo for "i want to go back to ie6"! Well, sometimes I wish Top Of The Pops was still on the telly, but we have to

Application Integration

OK, well, in contrast to the message box in my previous blog entry, today I was presented with this great message from IE7: Ah yes, that's what I like - nice tight integration between applications.   In all likelihood I'll probably

IE7 Plans Emerge

Mostly security enhancements, according to Microsoft Watch. "New" features include tabbed browsing and support for transparent PNGs. No comment yet on whether full support will be given for CSS2 - *sigh*. Curiously, there's also talk that IE7 will feature an

IE Team Are Blogging

The recently re-formed IE team now have a blog. Although I prefer to use Firefox for personal use, there's no escaping IE on the corporate desktop (at which my ASP.NET apps are invariably targetted), so this is a

Houses and Browsers

I seem to sleep better in other people's beds. How strange. I have been given many opportunities to formulate this hypothesis over recent months, as holidaying colleagues have kindly allowed me to stay in their houses to avoid the hellish

Archetypal Weekend

It's just been a pleasant, relaxing weekend really. I could go into more detail, but I'd probably only bore you. I could talk about my intense disappointment at discovering, on Friday evening, that the current run of South Park had