Rhubarb and Gay Sex Bombs

...although admittedly not together, unless you count the way in which these two quirky news stories found themselves nestling next to each other in my inbox this evening: First, Jez found this corking piece of reportage from The Times on

Ooh, I Want One...

In another worrying signal that my mental health might be failing me, my initial thought when I saw this glorified cubicle: http://www.poetictech.com/aura/index.html (via Eric Harrison's blog) was "ooh, ooh, can I get one

Counting Monkeys

Here's a good monkey story (and heaven knows, you can never have enough good monkey stories):  Highway to be cleared of monkey raiders [BBC] What I particularly like is the sentence "According to the latest count, some 2,

Joke du Jour

Courtesy of Alex : f(x)=6x+3 walks into a bar and says to the barman "Got any sandwiches?" "Sorry," the barman replies, "we don't cater for functions."

Magical Trevor

Some of my nieces n nephews just brought Magical Trevor to my attention, and now I can't get the tune out of my head! "Yeah yeah yeah, the cow is back...."


This recent entry on TheDailyWTF is one of the worst pieces of code I've ever seen in my entire life. When I stopped laughing and picked myself up of the floor though, it got me thinking - I hope this

Don't Panic!

After all those months of anticipation, I accidentally fell asleep during tonight's first episode of the new series of Hitchhiker's - doh!  Not that it was boring, you understand, rather that I'd had a crummy night's sleep and been up