Paulo's Last Munro Photos

I've finally gotten round to processing and uploading photos from Paulo's Last Munro weekend. The weather on Ben More was truly appalling, so the majority of the images were, unsurprisingly, taken within the cosy confines of the Craignure Inn, who

Foinaven - Still A Corbett

This just in - following resurveying, Foinaven has been found to be 911.046 metres high, failing in its quest to be elevated to Munro status. More details:

Hebrides Bound - But Can I Still Rough It?

This weekend I'm taking a couple of much-deserved days off work and heading to Mull with the intention of plodding up Ben More with my good friend Paulo and several of his other mates.  This is, you see, Paulo's Last

Resolutions Review 2006

How did I get on with my resolutions for 2006?   1. I will not drink caffeine after 7pm on a school work night. A success!  Switching to caffeine-free diet coke and decaffeinated Earl Grey helped.   2. I

Munro Total For 2005: Zero

Well, there are only two days left in 2005, and, shamefully, I haven't made it up a single Munro this year.  I've never exactly been a prolific bagger, but as this graph shows, at least I've made the effort to