Money Woes - Penis Loss

Sky News: 30 year old Serbian "chopped his own penis off with a rusty old axe because he was sick of having no money.",,30000-13263288,00.html MS Money 2004 sees me straight,

Life Without A Pulse

Jez emailed: This is very spooky, from today's /.

Half a Pint

This morning a colleague asked me what I intended to write about in my journal, as the week had been quite uneventful thus far. It was an interesting poser, but didn't really address the real problem, which is how to

Emotional Cripple

Only a mild hangover, which was nice. To quote Rich, we seemed to drink just the right amount of alcohol so that today could be spent relaxing, not recovering. Besides, I had things to do, shirts to iron - not

Rare Pain

Apart from alcohol-induced, I haven't felt at all ill since a Fresher's 'flu when I started uni in 1994. So indigestion/stomach-ache/food poisoning came as a bit of a surprise, and I immediately assumed it was something more serious.