Resolutions 2009

This year, rather than making a long list of resolutions, I'm going to focus my efforts on two simple goals: 1. Drink Less Wine A couple of glasses of vino of an evening after The Boy has gone to bed

Two Random Thoughts, 26th February 2008

1. I had a routine eye test today, and was told that my eyesight has improved since my last test (10th December 2004).  I didn't realise that was even possible! 2. Driving home this evening, across a low-visibility intersection

Health and Safety Gone Mad!

Funny story from a school friend of mine who had his gas meter replaced yesterday. Incidentally, Jon's Flickr photostream is well worth subscribing to, there are lots of good shots each day.

Roll On July 1st

I've grumbled recently on these pages about the actions of our lawmakers, so let me balance that by saying that I have never before been as excited about upcoming legislation as I am about the forthcoming ban on smoking in

Time To Switch Off And Slow Down?

There's an interesting article on the BBC about a speaker at the TED conference in Oxford advising delegates that the time has come to unplug and slow down.  While I agree up to a point, I think the trick