Relentless Pace of Progress

As a software guy, I'm naturally amazed and bemused by pretty much anything hardware-related. The one aspect of the relentless march of technology which most boggles my mind is the rapid increase in storage capacity which we have seen in

iPhone (Again)

Bugger. Despite what I said a year ago, I saw John's iTouch last week and now I'm coming round to the opinion that the £899 price tag of owning an iPhone for 18 months is perfectly reasonable for such a

Microsoft Surface

Wooah, every day we get a little closer to the world of Star Trek Needless to say, I want one... :-)

It's seven years since my last major data loss, when my sole hard drive (all 3.2Gb of it) bit the dust, taking almost all my worldly data with it, barring a few vital files that I'd diligently backed up

Farewell to the Floppy

Farewell, then, to the humble floppy disk - the storage medium of choice throughout my formative years. It seems such a primitive thing now, but in the early days of my computing adventures I would have killed for a floppy

My WEI Score

Details of my Windows Experience Index score are here, where you can also upload your own details and see facts about other people's systems.  Poor gaming graphics brings me down to a 3.7.

The Resurrection of Barney

Hallelujah!  Barney, my beloved iPod, has come back from the dead! Earlier today, I received this message through eBay's "Ask seller a question" feature: "Dar Ian, Iwas looking on ebay and i noticed your 60gb ipod


I know this doesn't add to the debate at all, but for the record I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to possess an iPhone.  Phone calls, text message, and possibly synchronisation with my Outlook calendar and contacts will do me