Death Of Google Reader

Gutted. I loved Google Reader. Heck, I even managed to get the wife addicted to it. I don't want to click "OK". I'm not OK with this. If I don't click "OK" will they have to leave switched on...?

Google Chart API

Those clever folk at Google have made available an API for dynamic chart generation. Pass in a parameterised URL, and the service returns a PNG image of the requested chart. There's a limit of 50,000 requests per day, but

Intergalactic Email

Gmail does such a fantastic job of identifying the swathes of spam that floods my inbox each day that I rarely get to see messages from 419 scammers at all these days. Which is almost something of a shame when

Too Much Information

Having a bit of time on my hands today, I decided to catch up on some of the 130 feeds that I subscribe to via Google Reader. Now, in my head, I always thought that my MO for reading feeds