Family Tree Update

With the return of the dark wintry nights to this sceptered isle, I've been taking the opportunity to flesh out my Family Tree a little more. And it isn't just the addition of

Refactoring My Evenings

When I announced to the world that we shall be spawning a child process in summer, some wags wryly advised that I sleep as much as possible between now and then. Superficially this

For Our Tomorrows

On this Remembrance Sunday, permit me to share with you a photo that my cousin Helen took this week of our Granduncle's grave in France. Private William Henry Worfolk (1896 - 1916) of

A Genealogical Milestone

Late last night I reached a small but significant milestone in my family tree research:  I now know the names of my sixteen great-great-grandparents!  Or so I believe - I just need to