Family Tree Update

With the return of the dark wintry nights to this sceptered isle, I've been taking the opportunity to flesh out my Family Tree a little more. And it isn't just the addition of young Benjamin - since I last uploaded

Refactoring My Evenings

When I announced to the world that we shall be spawning a child process in summer, some wags wryly advised that I sleep as much as possible between now and then. Superficially this sounds like a good plan, but for

For Our Tomorrows

On this Remembrance Sunday, permit me to share with you a photo that my cousin Helen took this week of our Granduncle's grave in France. Private William Henry Worfolk (1896 - 1916) of the York and Lancaster Regiment was my

A Genealogical Milestone

Late last night I reached a small but significant milestone in my family tree research:  I now know the names of my sixteen great-great-grandparents!  Or so I believe - I just need to wait for a couple of

Family Tree

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I've taken up Genealogy to see me through the long winter months.  Well, with much help from the web (especially Ancestry, Scotland's People, and of course Google), I've managed to knock

Genealogy - My New Winter Hobby

"INTPs are always so mentally active that they continually delve into new interests... The interests of an INTP would be enough to occupy him for several lifetimes if that were possible." -- A description of the INTP personality type, Paul