Resolutions 2005

For the record, Joce and I had a quiet Hogmanay in, as apparently did most other folk in the UK this year.  I whooped Jocelyn's ass at Scrabble (although ironically I just had to ask her how to spell

Don't Panic!

After all those months of anticipation, I accidentally fell asleep during tonight's first episode of the new series of Hitchhiker's - doh!  Not that it was boring, you understand, rather that I'd had a crummy night's sleep and been up

Songs About Onanism

The evening couldn't come soon enough today. I left work at around 16:20 and headed off for a celebratory 'do' with some colleagues, to mark the fact that our Y2K work was more or less at an end. We

Auld Reekie

Up early for the customary bacon sandwiches that seem to precede all our Scottish jaunts these days.  Then, after I throw some clothes in a bag, we're off. I think I'm unique amongst my friends in that I enjoy the