In Which My Name Is Shortened

San Francisco, California, USA Barista: "So, skinny vanilla latte?" Me: "No! Just a skinny latte." Barista: "You don't want a flavour?" Me: "Just coffee flavour." Barista: "What's your name?" Me: "Ian." Barista: "E.

Christmas Presents 2008

Here's what was waiting for me under the tree this year: Favourite Foods: * Lagavulin * Jamaican Blue Mountain * Green & Black's Selection Box Traditional: * Five pairs of socks * Next Signature Eau de Toilette Books: * Gervase

Booze Tech

I got home from work the other night and the wife said "Hey, Ian - watch this!" before proceeding to bash herself around the head with a bottle of wine. "This," I thought

First Day Of Contracting

0822: I think I was a little over-cautious regarding my travel arrangements. I'm supposed to be pitching up at the office at 0930 for my first day, yet here I am already, killing