According to my Google Analytics stats, somebody found my site this week by searching Yahoo for "i want to go back to ie6"! Well, sometimes I wish Top Of The Pops was still Extension for Firefox 2.0

For the past few months, since upgrading Firefox to one of the 2.0 betas, I've been somewhat lost without my handy integration courtesy of the official

Smorgasbord 3

Here we go again - permit me to dump all of those "flagged for follow-up" emails and "keep as new" bloglines posts into this entry, and then I can move on with my

10 Things That Should Be More Popular

Some days I feel like I'm spitting in the wind. It amazes me that the following ten concepts, websites and applications aren't more widely used: 1. RSS Feeds - why waste your time

Funnyfox TV ads (almost) for web browsers?  Haven't seen anything like this since the heady days of the Yahoooo commercials. Are we entering a second golden age of the web.