According to my Google Analytics stats, somebody found my site this week by searching Yahoo for "i want to go back to ie6"! Well, sometimes I wish Top Of The Pops was still on the telly, but we have to

Funnyfox TV ads (almost) for web browsers?  Haven't seen anything like this since the heady days of the Yahoooo commercials.Are we entering a second golden age of the web..?

Firefox Keeps Getting Better

Ah, Firefox. How much do I love thee?  Just when I thought the product's feature range must surely have plateaued, I lackadaisically downloaded the latest version and once again got uncharacteristically excited at what I saw - just like

IE Team Are Blogging

The recently re-formed IE team now have a blog. Although I prefer to use Firefox for personal use, there's no escaping IE on the corporate desktop (at which my ASP.NET apps are invariably targetted), so this is a