Microsoft Offer To Buy Yahoo!

REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 1, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) today announced that it has made a proposal to the Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) Board of Directors to acquire all the outstanding shares of Yahoo! common stock for per share consideration

Britons "Richer Than Americans"

Here's something interesting - apparently UK GDP per capita will this year be higher than that of the USA, Germany, or France. Now, if only everything wasn't so bloody expensive on this side of the pond, maybe we could start

Something In The Air

Every time I hear those new Talk Talk TV adverts featuring a cover of Thunderclap Newman's "Something In The Air" I have been straining to recall which other telecoms company used the same song, and this evening I've finally remembered

Money Woes - Penis Loss

Sky News: 30 year old Serbian "chopped his own penis off with a rusty old axe because he was sick of having no money.",,30000-13263288,00.html MS Money 2004 sees me straight,

Taking The Plunge

In recent months I have begun recoding our Filthy Lucre Investment Club web site and associated systems, pretty much from scratch. The database has been redeveloped, the middle tier objects are just about finished, and some previously dodgy vbscript scheduled

Credit Denied

"I remember when you walked across my living room floor aged 7 1/2 months!" This is the thing about shopping in a town, in the open, in the traditional manner - you end up bumping into people

Survive And Transcend

Waking at 05:40 has a tendency to turn Mondays into very long days. It's now a little before quarter to eleven, but it feels later than midnight - everyone else in the house has long since called it a