American Express Statement Download Functionality

I've just been trying to download all my old credit card statements from the American Express website. That's the kind of exciting life I lead. I had hoped that this would be a fairly straightforward task, but every step of

Welcoming Barclaycard To The 21st Century

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you to learn that I prefer to receive online bills and invoices from service providers rather than have hardcopies dropping through our letterbox. It’s not just for the obvious

Zero Interest Bug

I started my career in professional software development a decade or so ago by testing and fixing banking code that had fallen victim to the millennium bug. Could the prospect of zero percent interest rates create a similar boom in

The Wisdom of Crowds

So, today the Bank of England dropped interest rates sharply once again. I usually avoid reading the BBC News "Have Your Say" forums, for therein lies the path to insanity and disillusionment in one's fellow man. Today was no exception,

Bull Or Bear

Two articles, both published today in two of the world's most august organs, each reaching dramatically different conclusions on the prospective state of the British economy and the implications of the recent drop in the value of sterling: International Herald


Today's random bit of weirdness - I just received a letter from an insurance company which quotes my "Age at next birthday" as being "32.5 years". I look forward to receiving all my Happy Half-Birthday