"You seem to be going awfully fast," said the perspiring southern lady on the footpath to Stac Pollaidh, "would you pull me up?" I smiled politely, but in reality I was both shocked and pleased to have realised that over

Relative Sobriety

Anakin rock (uh-huh).  The female vocalist wailed like a cross between Courtney Love, Manda Rin and Siousie Sioux whilst the band backed her up with a big sound resembling a meeting of Mogwai and the Smashing Pumpkins.  I was most

Songs About Onanism

The evening couldn't come soon enough today. I left work at around 16:20 and headed off for a celebratory 'do' with some colleagues, to mark the fact that our Y2K work was more or less at an end. We

Auld Reekie Once More

My turn to drive to Scotland, then. I didn't mind, although the traffic was heavy on the A1, the situation exacerbated by major roadworks. But for much of the way we were travelling reasonably quickly. Many drivers used the heavy


Well, I'm going to see a house next week! That was disturbingly swift in one sense (having only mentioned it two days ago), but somewhat slow in another (having been commuting for twelve months). It sounds quite decent and reasonably

Doing Nothing

08:48 Sitting in a cold Volvo a few miles from Bridge of Orchy. It's almost too cold to write, or maybe I've just forgotten how. Rich and Bruce have headed off to bag another couple of munros. I reiterated

Bridge Of Orchy

Day Five - Beinn Dorain (3,530ft, 1,076m), Beinn An Dothaidh (3,287 ft, 1,002m) More rain. Can you spot a pattern, dear reader? So we sped over to the western highlands and bagged a couple of munros

Rest Day

Day Four - Rest Day More rain. So we sat in Braemar Youth Hostel, and wrote postcards, read the newspapers, but most of all just watched TV. This Morning, The Labour Party Conference, Fifteen-To-One, Countdown... it was just like being