Meeting with dodgy blokes to receive a bundle of used £20 notes is not how I usually spend my lunchtime. Cash, to me, is something that usually only exists in cyberspace - numbers on a web screen or graphs

Is Sylvia There?

Long 450 miles drive home. We stopped off in Inverness for some lunch, and it really impressed me (the city, I mean, not the sandwich - although that was OK too). It seemed to be a cute, modern little town,


"You seem to be going awfully fast," said the perspiring southern lady on the footpath to Stac Pollaidh, "would you pull me up?" I smiled politely, but in reality I was both shocked and pleased to have realised that over

Relative Sobriety

Anakin rock (uh-huh).  The female vocalist wailed like a cross between Courtney Love, Manda Rin and Siousie Sioux whilst the band backed her up with a big sound resembling a meeting of Mogwai and the Smashing Pumpkins.  I was most

No Such Deviations

I first wandered up the long track toward Beinn Dearg a year ago, when Daffy insisted we leave it at an early stage and clamber up through snow-covered heather onto a large rounded ridge which seemed to go on forever

Soggy Foothills

Sunday a handful of us bagged Ben Wyvis, where apparently Martin Moran was avalanched during his record breaking winter munro expedition. Our trip up to the top was thankfully less life-threatening, with the only dangers coming from the many snowball

Vast Solid Pillar

Boy, do I let myself in for some exhausting pastimes. I could have spent the day at home, slumped in front of the web, but nope, not today. Gulvain is a right royal pain. A "shy hill", according


Giddy. Looking forward to getting away from it all for a short time. I feel like I did when I was seven years old, the evening before a promised excursion to a theme park. Mobile phone and email conversations have