Who Participates Online

Here's some neat infoporn - a chart in Business Week showing which ages groups participate online, and what they're doing. Click for original article. (Via Jez)

Google Chart API

Those clever folk at Google have made available an API for dynamic chart generation. Pass in a parameterised URL, and the service returns a PNG image of the requested chart. There's a limit of 50,000 requests per day, but

More Tufte Books

When I mentioned Edward R. Tufte's excellent The Visual Display of Quantitative Information in a recent blog post, it prompted me to search North Yorkshire's online library catalogue to see if they had any more of the great man's works.

Munro Total For 2005: Zero

Well, there are only two days left in 2005, and, shamefully, I haven't made it up a single Munro this year.  I've never exactly been a prolific bagger, but as this graph shows, at least I've made the effort to