When "Reports" Aren't Enough

Can anyone give me some pointers as to what business reporting / analytics tools and packages should be used when Reporting Services and Excel are insufficient? Following the successful deployment of a new application at work in August, we (that is,

SQL Server Best Practices Analyser Tool

Via Eric G. Harrison - MS have developed a SQL Server Best Practices Analyser Tool. It's like a cross between FxCop and Baseline Security Analyser, for SQL Server. Very useful. I just downloaded it, ran it against some of my


There's so much good open-source .Net development going on these days - .Text, nGallery, nUnit, etc - it's a really interesting time to be a developer. My colleague Colin just drew my attention to nHibernate, an object persistence library

70-320 is Tough

Flush from my recent success on the 70-229 SQL Server exam I've been studying for 70-320 - XML Web Services and Server Components, the syllabus of which is much tougher!  Maybe it's just that I have been using SQL