Zero Interest Bug Arrives

So, base rates are now down to 1.0%, and the Zero Interest Bug is not just conjecture. From The Times: "About 1,500 customers who took out a tracker mortgages pegged at 1.01 points below the base rate

Bah, Humbug

It's September 10th, and already Asda in York has an entire aisle devoted to Christmas goodies!  I'm all for celebrating Christ's birth, but could we at least try to wait until, say, December or mid-November before we deck the

RSS Feeds - a Necessity, Not a Nice-To-Have

My internet connection went down in the early hours of Sunday morning (when, naturally, I was trying to use it).  Cue 45 minutes of frustration and aimless tampering with the router settings before connection returned as suddenly as it had

eMule To The Rescue

I just got a new PC from Mesh computers, complete with an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum soundcard by Creative. Now, of course, the very first thing I did was wipe the hard disk and begin rebuilding the system to suit

MSDN mag for $25/year

Yay! MSDN magazine is now available by air mail to "international" MSDN Universal subscribers for the bargainous price of $25 dollars a year (which is hardly anything in real money). That beats paying five quid a copy in Borders.

A Mild Case of Hypochondriasis

Woke at 5:30 feeling thirsty - a thirst that has remained with me all day. Hope I'm not diabetic, I couldn't stand all the injections. That's not meant to sound flippant, I really do detest all that stuff. I

Funny Junk Mail

Now that email has long been my standard way of communicating, snail mail feels like it should have some extra gravitas. If people take the time to create a physical object and spend money delivering it to me, it should