Ian Nelson, MCPD

Well, for the record, I passed MS exam 70-553 yesterday on my second attempt, which makes me a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer – Enterprise Application Developer: And I also acquired a few new MCTS certifications as a happy by-product: My full

Failed MCP Exam 70-553 :(

My current primary client has an annoying habit of closing for random days and half-days, including last Thursday afternoon. I decided to try to make the most of this time off, by taking Microsoft exam 70-553, which has the snappy


Today I reached my geek coming-of-age, and turned 0x21 years old. I celebrated in true nerd fashion, by spending the morning taking Microsoft exams 70-445 and 70-554. Both were tougher than I expected, particularly 70-554 which I only squeaked through

Refactoring My Evenings

When I announced to the world that we shall be spawning a child process in summer, some wags wryly advised that I sleep as much as possible between now and then. Superficially this sounds like a good plan, but for

Ian Nelson, MCSD.Net

I am now a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in .NET 1.x technologies. This is a qualification that I've been working towards on and (more often than not) off for the past four years or so. It's not really the

Resolutions Review 2006

How did I get on with my resolutions for 2006?   1. I will not drink caffeine after 7pm on a school work night. A success!  Switching to caffeine-free diet coke and decaffeinated Earl Grey helped.   2. I

Another Year Over

Ten personal highlights from 2004: Getting engaged to my Californian sweetheart Jocelyn. Not a bad effort for a Yorkshire computer nerd :-) Gaining my MCAD. Vacation to California and New York in the spring. Our investment club, FLIC, gaining 18.

I'm an MCAD!

Woohoo!  I just passed MS exam 70-320 with a score of 936, and am now a Microsoft Certified Application Developer!