Blocked By My Namesake

Yeah, it must be pretty intimidating for a Hollywood actor to know that there's a freelance .NET codemonkey up in Yorkshire who shares his name...

John Backus

John Warner Backus, the developer of Fortran, has died in Oregon, aged 82. Wikipedia Entry 

James Brown Is Dead (Really)

I had the great pleasure of watching half a James Brown set at the V98 festival at Leeds in August 1998.  My original online journal entry for that day is here. We had started the evening, like most people at

William Bloke

It's always nice when your lifelong heroes turn out to be decent folk in real life.  Today in York the one and only Billy Bragg was in Borders signing copies of his latest book, The Progressive Patriot.  Although

Served By A Supermodel

I was just looking through a walletful of recent receipts and found this.  I really should pay more attention to the people who serve us dinner...

Steve Irwin Killed!

Shocked and saddened to hear this morning that the unique and seemingly irrepressible Steve Irwin has been killed off the coast of Queensland by a stingray barb through the heart: