MoreLINQ - IEnumerable Extension From Jon Skeet

I’ve just become aware of this MoreLINQ project containing some neat IEnumerable extensions authored by the inimitable Jon Skeet. I particularly like the look of DistinctBy – that’s gotta be a lot easier than passing custom instances of IEqualityComparer

A Circuit Breaker Which Trips On Frequency Of Failures

@Jez tweeted last night: @ianfnelson admit it: you use Castle Windsor primarily to highlight and lampoon Google's poor selection of adwords?! — πš‚πš‘πš˜πš˜πšπš’πš—πš πš‚πšŒπš’πš•πš•πš’ (@shootingscilly) October 26, 2009 Funny, but not true. I am enamoured with the Castle Windsor project

Castle Windsor Array Resolution Gotcha

The shiny new system which I’ve recently been developing makes heavy use of the Chain of Responsibility pattern, and as such a number of service classes take an array of objects in the constructor: I’m using Castle Windsor

Castle Windsor Lifestyle Gotcha

I always knew my lifestyle choices would come back to bite me some day… I've been making heavy use of the Castle Windsor container to handle dependency and configuration management in the shiny new system that I’m currently developing.

Empty Catch Blocks

I’ve just found 22 examples of this anti-pattern in a small .NET project: try { // (Stuff here) } catch {} Oh yes, the empty catch block. Joy of joys. Declaring an empty catch block is equivalent to professing that: "Sometimes this code

.NET - Retrieving the Month Name

Here’s another amusing method I recently found in some production code which comes straight from the β€œcan’t be bothered to learn the framework (or how to Google)” style of programming: I wonder what the significance of 1969 is?

VB.NET to C# Converter

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I’ve encountered a mutant web project containing a mixture of VB and C# pages. I kid you not. This online converter from DeveloperFusion is proving invaluable for sorting out this