Schoolboy Error Of The Day

This dumb mistake just cost me an hour spelunking around in the debugger: var status = source.Substring(source.LastIndexOf("/" + 1)); (where source is e.g. "") Fortunately the ramifications were picked up in the acceptance tests,

WCF - Logging Before and After Operation Invocation

Here’s another custom WCF EndpointBehavior I found useful recently. Not content with logging all unhandled errors, I wanted to output a DEBUG level log message before and after every operation invocation. As before, I’m using the Castle Windsor

WCF - Global Exception Handling

I’ve done a fair bit of WCF development recently (and amazingly I came out of it relatively unscathed, both psychologically and emotionally). Using Castle Windsor’s WCF Facility helped a great deal, but I still found myself writing a

Testing LINQ Queries

I’ve been asked “How do you test LINQ queries?” a couple of times in the past few months, so I thought I’d blog my answer for the benefit of all you lovely people. Firstly I should explain how

An MVC Gotcha and the PRG Pattern

If you’ve recently moved across to ASP.NET MVC development following years of wrangling with the leaky abstraction that was WebForms, you may have encountered some seemingly curious behaviour when posting back to the same URL. Suppose we have