Framework Design Guidelines 2nd Edition

Delighted to hear that an updated edition of the Framework Design Guidelines is in the pipeline. I found the original to be a hugh boon in improving the quality and consistency of my .NET classes, and I'm hoping that the

SQL 2005 Unleashed

Many moons (and about four jobs) ago, a wise DBA by the name of David Hanson once recommended to me a book called Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed. I took his advice, bought a copy, and it rapidly became one

Today's Favoured Reading Material

I've just finished reading Duncan Bannatyne's autobiography, Anyone Can Do It.  It didn't take me long, as it's a real page-turner - and that's coming from someone who doesn't usually enjoy biographies (perhaps my taste in books is maturing

More Tufte Books

When I mentioned Edward R. Tufte's excellent The Visual Display of Quantitative Information in a recent blog post, it prompted me to search North Yorkshire's online library catalogue to see if they had any more of the great man's works.

William Bloke

It's always nice when your lifelong heroes turn out to be decent folk in real life.  Today in York the one and only Billy Bragg was in Borders signing copies of his latest book, The Progressive Patriot.  Although