Random Musings From A Week's Vacation

Some thoughts that occurred to me during, or following, a week's holiday in Cornwall: Cornwall is a long way from Leeds, especially with a toddler in the car. Stopping over half way was a good idea.Driving from Leeds to

Not That SSIS...

Hmm, this wasn't quite what I expected to find when searching Amazon for a book on SSIS. Still, might as well add it to my DVD rental list... ;-)

Framework Design Guidelines 2nd Edition

Delighted to hear that an updated edition of the Framework Design Guidelines is in the pipeline. I found the original to be a hugh boon in improving the quality and consistency of my .NET classes, and I'm hoping that the

SQL 2005 Unleashed

Many moons (and about four jobs) ago, a wise DBA by the name of David Hanson once recommended to me a book called Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed. I took his advice, bought a copy, and it rapidly became one

Today's Favoured Reading Material

I've just finished reading Duncan Bannatyne's autobiography, Anyone Can Do It.  It didn't take me long, as it's a real page-turner - and that's coming from someone who doesn't usually enjoy biographies (perhaps my taste in books is maturing

More Tufte Books

When I mentioned Edward R. Tufte's excellent The Visual Display of Quantitative Information in a recent blog post, it prompted me to search North Yorkshire's online library catalogue to see if they had any more of the great man's works.