Christmas Presents 2009

Here’s what was waiting for me under the tree this year: * Chunky pure silver cufflinks featuring fingerprints of my two beloved children. * Lagavulin * Jura * Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers * Dara O’Briain – Tickling The


Today I reached my geek coming-of-age, and turned 0x21 years old. I celebrated in true nerd fashion, by spending the morning taking Microsoft exams 70-445 and 70-554. Both were tougher than I expected,

Tech Book Round-Up 2008

Despite the plethora of blogs, podcasts, and online videos that currently abound, I still prefer to get most of my technical learning via the trusty old dead-tree format. Here’s a quick round-up

Christmas Presents 2008

Here's what was waiting for me under the tree this year: Favourite Foods: * Lagavulin * Jamaican Blue Mountain * Green & Black's Selection Box Traditional: * Five pairs of socks * Next Signature Eau de Toilette Books: * Gervase

Random Musings From A Week's Vacation

Some thoughts that occurred to me during, or following, a week's holiday in Cornwall: * Cornwall is a long way from Leeds, especially with a toddler in the car. Stopping over half way was