Christmas Presents 2005

Was Santa good to you this year?  Here's what was waiting for me on Sunday morning: Colin Prior calendar 2005The Cardigans - Super Extra GravityiPod car chargerGriffin iTripTrivial Pursuit - DVD edition (shared present with Jocelyn)John Peel - Margrave

Ideal World / Real World

A major project on which I've been working for the last ten months has just gone live, so I've had some time recently to take stock of things, do a bit of R&D, and catch up on some reading.

South Yorkshire 90210

"You must enter a valid five-digit ZIP code to register with this website." Uh, even if I don't live in the US? Yep, apparently so. Hmm, a use at last for that Aaron Spelling show. I do wish

Passing Ships

Melanie has just phoned me, a couple of hours after getting back from six weeks in southern Africa. It sounds like she's had a great time - bungee jumping, sky diving, white-water rafting... Mel has been a close, sweet friend

Begbie's Nightmare

I wandered into a room where some friends were watching MTV. The tune playing was fairly pleasant. "This is OK. Who is it?" "It's Texas." "Oh." "You detest Texas, don't you?" "


"Down the aisles along the titles where you run your eyes, read a few lines" --- Broadcast, The Booklovers (1996) Isn't it funny how you never appreciate things while you have them? This evening I was watching a movie -