I'm Back, and Trying a Ghost in the Cloud

Blogging Again Right then, let's give this blogging lark another shot, shall we? I've had some form of blog online since the summer of 1997 (back when they were called online journals or simply 'homepages'). For most of that time

Two Of My Earliest "Blog Posts"

Unfortunately the author is not cited, but I’m almost certain that I wrote these two entries for the BBC’s 1986 Domesday Project: Woodsetts Village Home Life In Woodsetts Happy memories. For some background see The Story of Domesday.

EU Want To Regulate Blogging

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I've just seen this snappily-titled Motion for a European Parliament Resolution on Concentration and Pluralism in the Media in the European Union. It appears that our elected officials in Brussels, never known

Little Things That Annoy Me #2

The installer for Window Live Writer. I was intending to write a post moaning about something entirely different, but I've spent so long trying to install WLW that it has slipped my mind. Whatever it was can't have been nearly

Pre-Millennial Ramblings Now Up

I mentioned a while back that I had unearthed a CD-RW containing a backup of my online journal from the end of the last century.  Nelsonphiles will be delighted to learn that all the entries from 1998 have now

Refactoring My Evenings

When I announced to the world that we shall be spawning a child process in summer, some wags wryly advised that I sleep as much as possible between now and then. Superficially this sounds like a good plan, but for

Shiny New Look

Those of you reading this through an RSS aggregator may not be aware that I've spent the weekend changing the appearance of my website. I decided to upgrade my blogging engine to Community Server 2.1 SP1, and I'm glad

A Blast From The Past

I had the oddest experience earlier this week.  I was in need of some short-term offline data storage, and the first thing to which I laid my hand was a dusty old CD-RW that I hadn't seen for many