iPhone (Again)

Bugger. Despite what I said a year ago, I saw John's iTouch last week and now I'm coming round to the opinion that the £899 price tag of owning an iPhone for 18 months is perfectly reasonable for such a

The Perfect iTunes Playlist?

Since Barney, my beloved iPod, came into my life twenty months ago, I've been trying to concoct the perfect iTunes "smart playlist" to match my default listening preferences, and after much tinkering and experimentation, I think I finally have it.

Smorgasbord 6

It's been a while since I posted one of these mixed bags of links n things which don't merit a full post. Reason being, I tend to share such links in Google Reader, or post them to my del.icio.

The Resurrection of Barney

Hallelujah!  Barney, my beloved iPod, has come back from the dead! Earlier today, I received this message through eBay's "Ask seller a question" feature: "Dar Ian, Iwas looking on ebay and i noticed your 60gb ipod


I know this doesn't add to the debate at all, but for the record I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to possess an iPhone.  Phone calls, text message, and possibly synchronisation with my Outlook calendar and contacts will do me

The Week The Music Died

Barney, my beloved 16-month old iPod, suddenly stopped working on Tuesday morning.  I can only suspect that he was jealous after hearing the news about the forthcoming new addition to the family. I don't really know why he should suddenly

iTunes 7

More funky software released this week - iTunes 7.0.  The most noteworthy new features are its native ability to download missing cover art from the iTunes store for tracks in your library, and the "Cover Flow" option of browsing

iTunes (Eventually)

In another admission that I occasionally arrive late at a party, I've just downloaded my first LP from iTunes. Now, this admission might surprise you, coming as it does from a self-confessed iPod lover, lifelong music fan and general early-adopting