Old Shoe

I'm reading some of the fascinating case studies on the High Scalability site, and I stumble across this curious bullet point in the page on Amazon's architecture: "Don't pay for performance. Give good perks and high pay, but keep

Not That SSIS...

Hmm, this wasn't quite what I expected to find when searching Amazon for a book on SSIS. Still, might as well add it to my DVD rental list... ;-)

Rip-Off Britain Part 267

I've just been looking for a new book on Windows Communication Foundation. I plumped for the soon-to-be-published "Essential Windows Communication Foundation", which is £34.19 on Amazon.co.uk, but just $29.92 (=£15.37) from Amazon.com. Needless to

Amazon DVD Rental

Amazon UK have started a DVD rental service: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/subs/rentals/help/learn-more.html My first thought is "why did this take so long"?  I've been merrily renting from DVD Options for about three