Amazon Recommendation Of The Day

I'm not saying that I wouldn't enjoy watching Birdy the Mighty: Decode 2, you understand; it's just that I'm uncertain how Amazon came to this conclusion based solely on my choice of secondary input device. Of course, now that I've

Valentine's Spam

Some of the retailers that have emailed me, and their suggested gifts for my valentine: Burberry - fragrance Laithwaites - wine Sainsbury's (three times) - flowers Nectar - all manner of treats - an iPod charger Laterooms.

More Consumer Craziness

Jocelyn keeps getting text messages from her mobile phone provider along the lines of "We have reviewed your usage, compared it to our available plans, and come to the conclusion that you are on the most appropriate plan for

Inappropriate Advertisement #216

Oh, the irony!  On the day that the front cover of The Times reported on death and destruction across northern England caused by heavy rain... ... just look what they're advertising on page 39...

Goodbye %Creative%

Wow, Creative Labs sure know how to make me feel like an individual. I'm just glowing inside with a warm fuzzy feeling thanks to them remembering my %first name%. Sorry guys, I know you meant well, but I didn't read