How on earth did we survive before the wonders of ActiveSync?  Did we really re-key contact details every time we bought a new mobile phone, or (*shudder*) re-populate a paper-based calendar at the start of a new year?

As I write, my calendar, contacts, tasks and notes are whizzing down a USB cable onto a shiny new Vodafone v1615 which arrived today, from Outlook on my lovely new Dell Latitude.

They found their way onto the Dell Latitude last week, when I synched them from the Vodafone v1415 that Marshalls supplied me with.

They began their life on the v1415 when I synched across from my work desktop PC.

I can't remember how exactly they came to be on the work PC, but I'm pretty sure I didn't key them all in.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've had to enter this stuff from scratch since about 1997...