Sunday Sunday

As usual, I entered the weekend full of good intentions, and a mental list of productive things to achieve during my two-day respite from the rat race. Did anything come of them? Did it hell. Sure, I managed to get it together enough to clean my boots and top up Morky's water, but by and large I've just slobbed about, drifting aimlessly from one pseudo-task to the next without ever accomplishing anything worthwhile.

But then, I'm not too wracked with guilt at this apparently fruitless weekend. It is, after all, Sunday, and if you can't sit around relaxing and reading the papers on a Sunday then perhaps your life is simply too cluttered and hectic. One day a week relaxing is practically a health requirement. At least, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

We've been desperately trying to find a large rural cottage in which to spend the millennium, but so far have drawn a blank - everywhere seems to be full up. It's our own stupid fault for leaving things so late, but that doesn't stop it being irritating. If nothing turns up in the next few days, I guess we'll have to revert to plan 'b'. Unfortunately, plan 'b' doesn't yet exist...

Speaking of the millennium, the Year 2000 work at the bank I've been based at for the past year is drawing to an end. I'm relieved about this, as it's not been a particularly interesting project - lots of checking, double-checking and testing, but very little actual development work, or coding. I wonder what I'll be doing next, or where...? I'm looking forward to a change.