Stag Plans

Ian's stag do is taking place (appropriately enough) on the weekend of April Fool's Day, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  This page contains some useful info for those of you who are attending!


We have twin rooms booked at the Newcastle Novotel (phone 0191 214 0303, postcode NE3 3HZ), at a cost of £63 for the Friday night and £79 for the Saturday night - pay on departure, breakfast is an additional £11.50 pp if you can face it.  There's a pool, sauna, gym (yeah, as if we'll make use of that...), and a bar open until 12 midnight (more likely to be patronised).

So, staying for both nights we have:

  • Ian, Rich H
  • Luke, Paddy
  • Bruce, Daffy
  • Damo, Rich K
  • Jez, Simon
  • Ant, Max

and for the Saturday night only:

  • Alleyn, Paulo
  • Jammy, Dave S

All the rooms are booked in my name, with the exception of Plow n Paulo's which is booked under Mr P Roberts!

Update: Cllr Alex Williams is now also able to attend on the Saturday night, but as the Novotel is now full he is being forced to seek alternative accommodation nearby!

Friday activities

None.  Well, maybe a couple of lemonades, but definitely no heavy drinking until the early hours like on the first night of Richy's stag epic as we have to be up early Saturday morning for:

Saturday activities

Paintball ( begins at the ambitiously early hour of 0830.  £20 a head including 500 balls, body armour is £2 extra, gloves £1 extra.  They have hot drinks available and do burgers etc for lunch if we fancy eating there.  No deliberately ganging up on the stag please!

A full day of paintball is unachievable at my age (and fitness levels!), so the rough plan for the Saturday afternoon is to go bowling or find a nice quiet pub with comfy armchairs and a couple of pool tables! 

Saturday evening we are booked into the Hyena Comedy Cafe (phone 0191 232 6030, postcode NE1 4QT), which conveniently has an Indian restaurant on site - we have a table booked for 7pm, the latest we can eat and get upstairs for the comedy which starts at 8:30pm.  The comedians finish around 11pm, then the place stays open as a bar/club until 2am.

Sunday activities

Recovering and having a few quiet drinks (probably of Irn Bru rather than the alcoholic variety) over a game of Risk before it's time for everyone to head back home, exhausted but happy...

I can't wait.  Any queries, drop myself or Richy an email or give us a call.

Daffy, would now be a suitable time to sincerely apologise for the flowery yellow dress and hat which I picked for you to wear on your stag do?  It seemed funny at the time (and it went well with the pink wig and black fishnets), but now I see the error of my ways - it wasn't big and it wasn't clever, and I'm sure you're far too mature to want to exact revenge next month, right...?