Smorgasbord 6

It's been a while since I posted one of these mixed bags of links n things which don't merit a full post. Reason being, I tend to share such links in Google Reader, or post them to my bookmarks, both of which have feeds that you can subscribe to if desired.

Still, here's a few interesting things that caught my eye in recent days: 

Firefox 2.0 tip - Ctrl-Shift-T will reopen the last closed tab. Nice.

Parenthacks - Leaving Your Kids With The Neighbourhood Babysitter: A Primer. This looks like it could be a very useful website, come the second half of this year :-)

iTunes on Vista - Apple have released an "iTunes Repair Tool for Windows Vista" to fix some compatability problems. I haven't tried it so don't blame me if it swallows your MP3 collection.

If you're reading this in Google Reader, try hitting g then u, then start typing the name of one of your subscriptions. Cool, huh?  For more hints on Google Reader's fantastic keyboard shortcuts, check out this LifeHacker article.

Unhandled Perception - how to put the IE7 menu bar back at the top of the window (a la IE6). - you know you want one.

Steve Jobs - "Thoughts On Music", 06 Feb 2007. Even the Apple boss is in favour of ditching the evil that is DRM. Hallelujah.

Second Life Stats - some fascinating figures highlighting the growth of Second Life (in excel format).

Tim Sneath has been posting a series of blog entries highlighting Great WPF Applications. If you have Vista or XP with .NET 3.0 installed and want to know what WPF is capable of, this is a great place to start.

Scott Guthrie has posted more information about new features in Visual Studio "Orcas", including Multi-Targeting (the ability to create projects that target a specific version of the .NET Framework). - I love this site.