Smorgasbord 4

Just a few things to point out:

Cool new Office 2007 feature: Blog directly from Word or OneNote.

Annoyingly, the Performance Profiler in VS2005 doesn't support profiling ASP.NET websites that use Forms Authentication (which is pretty much all of the sites I've developed!)  I'll be sticking with Ants Profiler for now, then.

Wired News reports that Anti-Spam firm Blue Security have been forced to close their popular antispam service as a result of massive DDoS attacks from spammers.

Flickr have "gone gamma" - and I must say, I love the updated Organizr tool. Finally, I can easily find and organise all those photos that I haven't tagged or added to any sets. Good work, people.

The MS Consolas font that I mentioned last summer is now available for download to all and sundry, so now there's no need to go through the rigmarole of installing a beta of Vista just to nick the font!  It's well worth installing if you use fixed-width fonts for programming or other purposes, but remember to turn ClearType on.

The new Douglas Coupland novel, JPod, is out (in the States at least - UK release on 5th June), and should appeal to anybody who loved the classic Microserfs.