Smorgasbord 2

Another random bunch o' links:

A November CTP of Enterprise Library has been released. It's still missing the configuration tool, but it is aligned with .NET Framework 2.0 and is looking pretty good.

Microsoft have bought the excellent FolderShare, providers of innovative P2P software which allows you to sync folders across multiple PCs, share your files with friends, and access (and search) your files from anywhere. Alas, I'm prevented from using it at work due to a combination of firewall and SuperScout restrictions, so I'll stick to moving my files around using my cute 80Gb Freecom FHD2-Pro and a copy of SyncToy.

2006 H1 will see Service Packs for VS2003 and VS2005. About time - though to be honest I hope not to still be using VS2003 by then!

An October CTP of the "Atlas" bits for ASP.NET has been released. This is Microsoft's answer to the AJAX hype, and I really should try giving it a whirl soon.

Scientists debunk the cow-tipping myth. Shame.

Encrypt your web.config with ASP.NET 2.0 and VS2005 - an eight-minute screencast.

Audiophile - I love this page, which provides links to the most ridiculous "audiophile" products available. $240 for a plank of wood, anyone?

iLounge buyer's guide - looking to buy someone an iPod accessory for Christmas?  This guide should help.

Wired: History's worst software bugs

Remember when the covers of software books used to show bridges or parallelograms?  No longer - see the exciting cover of  AW's Build Master title.

ASP.NET 2.0 - "Man, it's cool!". Oh, good grief...

Less hype, more info - a step-by-step guide to converting web projects from VS2002/3 to VS2005.

Security Guidance for .NET 2.0 now available on MSDN.

How to Disable Autorun for your CD-ROM drives. Wonderful - I hate those prompts telling me that an image exists somewhere on a CD-ROM, hence would I like to launch Picasa?