Smells Like Teen Spirit

I'm drinking medium cider - a present from Joanna's holiday. The smell alone reminds me of a thousand hormone-ridden teenage parties, culminating in several or all of my friends falling out with each other, somebody being sick on the furniture, and dodgy rock songs playing on cheap ghetto blasters. Funny how smells can trigger so many memories. Maybe I'll stick to the Jack Daniel's.

Thought: sometimes when typing 'songs', I interchange two letters and type 'snogs'. It's often tempting to leave it that way.

My mind is still buzzing, wondering where to head in life. Do I look for work elsewhere, or do I try to make the most of where I am, by pushing for promotions and more responsibilities? Do I stay living here, do I rent a place, do I look towards buying a house? Decisions, decisions...

In the canteen today people looked at me and asked what I was humming. I hadn't realised that I was humming. When I listened to myself, I realised that it was Abide With Me. Sometimes I surprise and confuse myself.