Rose-Coloured Tint

Today, all is peachy in the world of Nelly, and I just can't seem to wash this rose-coloured tint from my glasses. What a difference it makes when you get your program to function correctly, and can leave the workplace in an upbeat mood.

Another recruitment agency phoned me today too, which always serves to put a smile on my face, remind me that there are other positions to look towards when I get bored of where I'm at. But not today, so I agree to email an updated CV when I get the chance, and who knows, perhaps I shall.

Gordon Brown's budget even served to cheer me up - I'm not sure if I'll be much better off, due to the petrol duty increase, but it seemed to be sending the right signals in general, and I'm very pleased with certain aspects of it.

Oh, and I've just about recovered from the lengthy weekend/birthday celebrations! One more big night's sleep should just about "cure" me. How I managed to do this for so long at uni I don't know - perhaps age is catching up with me? Or maybe the longer working days are the key to this...?

Until tomorrow, dear hearts...