All problems solved by 0930. It turns out that the old, pre-Y2K version of the software was severely in error in many respects, not least of all because it failed to take into account any endowment policies maturing in the next century - ie, most of them. Ooopsie. So our new version is actually fixing a problem that must have been around for decades. Wow. I've helped achieve something. This was such a shock that I had to play Solitaire for the rest of the day...

OK, OK, I know it was only a few months ago that I was complaining about summer, and sure, I should be thankful for the diversity of weather we get in this country, but I'm British, we always talk about the weather!

Sorry this is a fairly short entry, but I have things to organise. Tomorrow I'm headed up to Scotland once more, so the journal is unlikely to be updated for a while. Have fun while I'm gone, y'all.

PS - Farewell then to Ted, a great Yorkshireman.