Resolutions Review 2006

How did I get on with my resolutions for 2006?


1. I will not drink caffeine after 7pm on a school work night.

A success!  Switching to caffeine-free diet coke and decaffeinated Earl Grey helped.


2. I will not use the PC before leaving the house for work in the mornings - it is not necessary to check email and read blogs at 6am!

Started off with the best of intentions, but this pretty much fell by the wayside by the Spring.  Must try harder next year.


3. Instead, I will use the time saved to have breakfast every morning.

As with 2, I started off well, but have slipped back to my old ways in recent months.  Renewed efforts required.


4. I will memorise the names and dates of English monarchs since 1066.

Pretty poor.  I was certain that I'd be able to achieve this within a year, so promptly forgot about the task until late November.  A late surge of effort saw me memorise details only back as far as Queen Anne, so there's much left to do here.


5. I will finish converting all my vinyl to MP3.

Did I heck.  What a laborious and dull task that is!  Much easier just to download the same tracks where possible, although I have a few bits of obscure vinyl that I still haven't been able to find online..


6. I will sell / dispose of my server.

Yes!  It was out of the way by spring, when we had to get the flat ship-shape to entice potential purchasers.  Can't say I miss it.


7. I will bag some Munros.

Another failure, regrettably.


8. I will finish my MCSD.

Uh, partial credit.  On 18th March I passed exam 70-300, "Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures", but I still haven't got round to doing exam 70-316, the Windows apps one.  Don't know why, as by all accounts it's pretty easy - I should get this knocked off really.


So, I make that a score of two-and-a-bit out of eight.  Pretty poor, huh?  But I've been busy, and it's been a highly productive and enjoyable year all told, not least because of moving home in the summer.  2007 promises to be similarly full and life-changing, but I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.... ;-)