Resolutions 2008

Here are some of my intentions for 2008:

  1. I will blog more frequently.
  2. I will devote more time, imagination and energy to playing creatively with Ben.
  3. I will work harder and smarter to provide for my family.
  4. I will eat breakfast every morning (ah yes, that old chestnut).
  5. I will take a lunch break each day, switching off from work for a while and exercising my mind or body.
  6. I will join The National Trust and not worry about it making me feel middle-aged.
  7. I will strive to keep on top of the slew of new technologies coming out of Redmond (especially ScottGu's area), while continuing to deepen my expertise in my core competencies of C#, OO design and SQL Server.
  8. I will not leave it until December to take a holiday.
  9. I will keep on top of processing and uploading family photos to Flickr (I'm currently two months behind!)
  10. I will embark on a non work-related programming project (any suggestions?)

What are yours?

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