Resolutions 2005

For the record, Joce and I had a quiet Hogmanay in, as apparently did most other folk in the UK this year.  I whooped Jocelyn's ass at Scrabble (although ironically I just had to ask her how to spell 'whooped') by amassing an early lead when I played "TRACTION" and got a 50-point bonus for using all my letters.  Yeah, it was definitely a rock n roll New Year in the Nelson/McGhee household.  Then we settled down to watch The Wicker Man on TV, which I think is a superb movie, but I'm guessing J didn't appreciate it quite so much given the way she said "Is that it?!" as the credits rolled.  Still, I consider it revenge for her making me endure What Lies Beneath the previous night..

I think this is the first New Year I've spent at home for... well, as long as I can remember really.  Let's see:

  • 2003/4 - Ross's place in London, playing embarrassing games.
  • 2002/3 - Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia.  Definitely my warmest Hogmanay ever.
  • 2001/2 - Altrincham with Lexy - probably my coldest Hogmanay ever.
  • 2000/1 - On the Isle of Skye, we attended a cracking ceilidh at the Sligachan Hotel.
  • 1999/0 - With my family in Derby.
  • 1998/9 - Avoiding the cold and avalanche-prone hills in Fort William.
  • 1997/8 - Can't remember.  Newark, maybe?
  • 1996/7 - Spent in Beeston, Nottingham.  I was back at uni early and encamped in the computer lab finishing my dissertation on Randomness of Gambler's Choice of Combinations in the National Lottery.  Exciting.

So what are your New Year Resolutions for 2005?  Here are mine:

  1. Embrace Test-Driven Development
  2. Backup regularly
  3. Leave the office on time
  4. Read more books
  5. Buy fewer books
  6. Save money for The Wedding
  7. Procrastinate less - make those phone calls today, not next week.

Hmm, via Froogle I've just found, and placed an order for a Maxtor OneTouch external hard disk.  This should help with Resolution #2, but hinders me in achieving Resolution #6!