Relocating To The USA

(No, not me - my web server :-) )

Yup, it's true.  After three years of being hosted in our spare room on a dusty and astonishingly noisy Dell PowerEdge 2300, I've finally gone through with my repeated threats and moved this site to an external host across the Atlantic, namely WebHost4Life.  So far I'm pleasantly impressed with my new home - everything seems to be running smoothly and speedily, and the level of control I get over all the web and database settings is fantastic.  Let me know if you spot anything untoward?  One thing I'm aware of - quite a few folks are still trying to access my RSS feed at an outdated (and sadly now inaccessible) URL.  To keep up to date with my witterings, you should point your aggregator of choice to .

So, for the first night in ages, I've switched off the PowerEdge, and my goodness, what a difference it makes to the quality of life here in the flat!  I'd forgotten what peace and quiet is like.  I can hear my music, hear the tapping of my keyboard, and (crucially), hear myself think.  Aaaah...   The PowerEdge has been a quality piece of hardware over the years, and I was planning to reinvent it as a kind of dev/test machine to host occasional bits and bobs and try out beta software, but frankly I think I could rapidly get used to this reduced volume level, and now it's probably destined for eBay.  Or a skip.  After all, any dev/test stuff can be done on Virtual PC / Virtual Server.