Primal Grunts and Moans

Outside it is bright and sunny, and should, by rights, be quiet and peaceful. But across the road appears to be a school playing field whereon a soccer match is currently being played. This has attracted a herd of parents and pupils, who're making loud primal grunts and moans in way of encouraging their progeny. Perhaps it's just the distance and the glass window that is muffling these words, serving to render them unidentifiable as English - maybe if I listen hard, and use a bit of imagination, I can make out cries of "Go on Paul" or "You can do it".. but no, I think I'm living in the realms of fantasy here.

Inside, downstairs, other bastardizations of the English language are taking place, as two of my housemates/colleagues converse in raised voices, as if doing so will serve to validate their statements. Sentence structure is all but lost, and a strange breed of verbal punctuation develops: "right" seems to replace the period, "man" is used where here I would write an exclamation mark. "yeah" is used as a comma or semi-colon. Questions are notable by their absence, instead being reworded into a statement, followed by the ubiquitous phrase "you know what I'm saying". Finally, just to confuse matters more, a random selection of adjectives are prefixed by the distorted expletive "fuggin'". It makes for an unpleasant combination. Thank God for CD players and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Outside, the cheering at the soccer game suddenly increases to a roar, then drops off to almost nothing. Half-time? Full-time? Whatever the reason, silence is briefly restored.


Need a holiday, want a holiday, hurry up weekend. Scotland, here I come. Holiday holiday holiday...

"Oh Brad, I wish we were with friends. Or sane people..."