Well, I'm going to see a house next week! That was disturbingly swift in one sense (having only mentioned it two days ago), but somewhat slow in another (having been commuting for twelve months). It sounds quite decent and reasonably priced, so I'm intrigued to find out what the catch is. But if it's clean and half-decent, I'll be looking forward to moving out of this room, which is far too full of, well, my stuff. CDs, computer stuff, hi-fi, books, junk mail... Not that my new room won't contain much the same, but just the act of moving everything might force me to rationalize my possessions somewhat.

And I could do with the cash from their sale. Everybody seems to be talking laptops at the moment - they're what all the fashionable geeks are wearing in the high streets this season. PDAs? Well, if you must, but it's a bit of a half-way cop-out, Nelson. Get a Dell Latitude or an IBM Thinkpad, you know you want to. It's passed the critical point now - I've been talking about it so much that it is now destined to happen.

I was likened to Satan on two separate occasions by different people today. What are the chances of that, eh? Must remember to stop carrying that pitchfork in my briefcase.

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