I'm Back, and Trying a Ghost in the Cloud

Blogging Again Right then, let's give this blogging lark another shot, shall we? I've had some form of blog online since the summer of 1997 (back when they were called online journals or simply 'homepages'). For most of that time

Birthday Lego 2014

A time-lapse video of me building my 2014 birthday Lego set - The White House, Washington DC USA, set number 21006 from the Architecture series.

Death Of Google Reader

Gutted. I loved Google Reader. Heck, I even managed to get the wife addicted to it. I don't want to click "OK". I'm not OK with this. If I don't click "OK" will they have to leave switched on...?

Blocked By My Namesake

Yeah, it must be pretty intimidating for a Hollywood actor to know that there's a freelance .NET codemonkey up in Yorkshire who shares his name...