Star Of The Week

As a lowly sellsword amongst the ensemble cast that make up the incestuous York/Leeds IT scene, I am not usually one to be influenced by the promise of titles and honours. Time was, long ago, in my first graduate

Friday Retrospective: My First Printer

My first printer was a Star LC-20 nine pin dot matrix that I received as a Christmas present when I was 15 years old. That's the kind of nerdy teenager I was, folks. All yuletide long our home rang out

One Reason Why NCrunch Is Worth The Cost

I have been merrilly using NCrunch - an "automated concurrent testing tool for Visual Studio" - for almost three years now. I ponied up for a paid license when it made the transition from beta to RTM, and I recently

I'm Back, and Trying a Ghost in the Cloud

Blogging Again Right then, let's give this blogging lark another shot, shall we? I've had some form of blog online since the summer of 1997 (back when they were called online journals or simply 'homepages'). For most of that time

Available Again For Contract Work

Are you plagued by bad code smells? Troubled by slow-running database queries and ETL routines? In need of some scalable and maintainable enterprise integration solutions? Look no further! As luck would have it, legendary Leeds-based freelance software developer Ian F.

A Personal Stack Overflow Milestone

In the grand scheme of things, 'tis but a minor achievement, but I was quite chuffed with myself this evening when my Stack Overflow reputation finally reached the 10,000 mark: My girls made me a special "10K" cake to