One Of Those Days

I've just rekeyed my entries for the 3rd and 4th of August, as I somehow managed to overwrite them last night (don't ask).  And if that wasn't enough, the notes I made for yesterday and today's entries are sitting on my desk, 47 miles away.  Yeah, it's been one of those days alright.

I woke up aching and stiff after sleeping on someone's landing last night (don't ask about that, either) - I really need to find a place near work soon.  Then I get an email saying that yesterday counts as a standard seven and a half hours, so I was kicking myself for going back to work in the afternoon after the conference in the morning, as I worked the equivalent of a ten and a half hour day.  Not fair...  Oh well, it's done now, and tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness.  OK, I'd better go get some sleep, before the final 5:45am wake-up call of the week.

Ten minutes later: And now I can't bloody FTP this stuff up to my server anyway!  Aaaaargh!