Nine Days To Go

Nine days to go.  We are no longer being asked "how are the wedding plans going?", instead the repeatedly-asked question is "are you getting nervous?!"

Well, yes, of course we are!  Who wouldn't be nervous, this close to getting married?  But everything seems to be going to plan, and we're getting through our multitude of tasks steadily, so almost everything is now in place for a fun day on the twenty-third.

We have sorted out the table layout, and Jocelyn has made some name place cards.  We've also made service booklets for the church service, and name cards for the tables (which we've opted to name after seven streets in York).  My speech is written, and our clothes, hotel, transport, and all-important wedding rings are all sorted.

The fact that most things are sorted out with a week to spare is particularly good news as Jocelyn's family begin arriving from the States tomorrow morning and we're looking forward to spending some time with them all before the wedding, and taking a few days out from the hectic planning to act as makeshift tour guides and see the UK sights.  Should be fun.

Finally, weather forecasts for 23rd April are now available on!  How accurate they can be in predicting the notoriously changeable British weather so far in advance, I'm not sure, but it's looking promising at present:  Partly cloud, high of 13C, low of 5C, with a 10% chance of rain.  Fingers crossed..